Beyond Mentoring

Dr. G. David Boyd – February 25, 2015 1 Comment

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Mentoring is a hot topic these days within the church. Everyone says they want to find a mentor, however, few actually do the work (or find the courage) to acquire one.

In Big Questions, Worthy Dreams, Sharon Parks writes, “Restoring mentoring as a cultural force could significantly revitalize our institutions and provide the intergenerational glue to address some of our deepest and most pervasive concerns.” This quote acknowledges that our deepest concerns about our society and the church cannot be solved by one sector of society, but will require a unified vision of all generations.

Many adults seek mentors within their vocational fields in order to build their knowledge, contacts and other resources. Emerging adults are taught to seek mentors in order to advance their career goals. This vocational perspective of mentoring further defines mentoring as a relationship where one gives to another. One partner of the relationship is a gatekeeper to money, fame, experience or advancement. Continue Reading…

The Gap Year Less Traveled

Katie Manning – February 20, 2015 Leave a comment

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In mid-January, my husband Mark and I had the pleasure of welcoming Ryan to our ReachGlobal Crisis Response team. Ryan will serve for one year with our ministry, starting out as an intern.  Ryan decided that after graduating high school, he wanted to take a year off to pursue missions. He recognized that he wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to study, so instead of going to college, he wanted to spend his time in service to God to see where God would lead him.

Ryan is from State College, Pa., which is home to Penn State University. He is very familiar with the college atmosphere and for years saw his friends go straight from high school to college, but he said that didn’t feel quite right for him. We talked about the idea of a gap year between high school and college. It isn’t very popular in the United States, though my time in England told me that Europeans embrace the concept quite well. Even though it can be easy to feel the pressure, either internally or from external sources, Ryan knew God was calling him to wait on college and pursue missions. A gap year will give him the time he needs to seek the Lord about college, to gain experience in ways that college itself could not provide and to prepare him for living for Christ no matter where God takes him.

Continue Reading…

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While most of my students rarely check their Facebook and email, they’re constantly with their cell phones. I’m not a big fan of being constantly tethered to our devices, but I will leverage that fact and regularly send out text messages like these. It’s my way of staying connected to students throughout the week. Please tweak the messages listed below, or copy and paste directly to your students from you. Continue Reading…

Hard Questions Series

Shane Stacey – February 16, 2015 Leave a comment

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I love borrowing great ideas from great leaders. Last week, while in San Diego, I had the chance to meet Luke Cherry, one of the Junior High pastors at North Coast Church’s Vista campus.

When I entered his office, I saw giant Post-it’s on the wall covered with questions. He told me that it was for their upcoming “Hard Questions” teaching series. All the middle school small groups can identify with the hard questions they have about their faith. If multiple students identified with a question, it gets a check mark.

Then, they take the questions and create a teaching series around them. They try to answer as many questions as possible, focusing on ones that multiple students have and those that are on the same theme.  Continue Reading…

Wired to Make a Difference

Katie Dudgeon – February 11, 2015 Leave a comment

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Last summer, more than 5,000 students and leaders from churches around the U.S. gathered for the Challenge Conference in Kansas City. Inspiring speakers, moving worship, local community service, an international focus on Berlin and countless conversations left a lasting impact on the students who attended.

But those students also left an impact on us.

We were blown away by their interest in Berlin, and passion for the gospel, as they were led through an interactive exhibit. We were overwhelmed by their response: How the need to fight injustice resonated with them, how the spiritual climate of Berlin moved them, how the statistics and stories pushed them to pray.

As they heard about God’s heart for people in cities, they began to see how their story intersected with the story of Berlin. Some students near Fargo, North Dakota even started an organization to fight human trafficking in their hometown after learning about the realities of injustice in Berlin!  Continue Reading…

A Baker’s Dozen of Sex Resources

Reid Kapple – February 9, 2015 Leave a comment

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In my last post, I talked about the importance of making intentional time and space in our youth ministries to discuss the issues of sex and sexuality. In this post, I wanted to share a list of resources that I have read and utilized that I think would be useful for you, your students and their parents.

Books for Parents

Hooked: New Science on How Casual Sex Is Affecting Our Children by Joe McIlhaney Jr., and Freda McKissic Bush.

This is the best book I have read, thus far, on the subject of sexuality and adolescence. It is a well-researched book that is very accessible for both teens and adults. I found it very insightful and would strongly recommend you read this book.

So Sexy So Soon: The New Sexualized Childhood and What Parents Can do to Protect Their Kids by Diane E. Levin and Jean Kilbourne

A fabulous commentary on the over-sexualized culture that our children are growing up in and how it is impacting their sexual development. While it is a great book on how to talk to your children about sex, there is a great deal on practical information for parents on how to guide and protect their children in a sex-saturated culture.

Real Sex: The Naked Truth about Chastity by Lauren Winner

This is a phenomenal book for both parents and older teenagers. It approaches the subject of sex in a much more holistic sense, as well as in a communal sense.

Wired for Intimacy: How Pornography Hijacks the Male Brain by William Struthers

While this may not be all that helpful for teenagers, it is a great resource on understanding how pornography hijacks our brain and distorts the way we think about sex.

Teaching Your Child Healthy Sexuality: A Biblical Approach to Prepare Them for Life by Jim Burns

This book is similar to The Purity Code, but addresses you, as the parent, giving valuable ideas on how to address some of the biggest sexual issues our teenagers are facing today.  Continue Reading…

Sex is Everybody’s Business

Reid Kapple – February 6, 2015 1 Comment

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I am not a betting man.

However, I would wager a large amount that more than half of the youth workers that are reading this blog have some kind of series or curriculum planned for the month of February that will address the issue of sex. You know it and I know it.

When it comes to the Western evangelical liturgical youth calendar, it is almost guaranteed that sex will be talked about this time of year. And let the record show that I am in favor of that.

The subject of sex and sexuality is a touchy topic of conversation (no pun intended) and one that is avoided in Christian circles. This strikes me as odd for a number of reasons, but particularly due to the fact that sex is so pervasive in our culture. However, the peculiar thing about sex is that, while the acts and images of it are quite public, as a topic of conversation it is quite private. This creates confusion, at best, and corruption, at worst. Wendell Berry once said, “Sex, like any other necessary, precious, and volatile power that is commonly held, is everybody’s business.” I could not agree more. Sex has profound impacts and consequences on us as individuals and as a society, which I believe necessitates a move for the church to become more talkative on the subject. Continue Reading…

Good News, You’re Ordinary!

Reid Kapple – February 4, 2015 1 Comment

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Pressure is constant for students. They are expected to be top of the class, first chair, starting quarterback, varsity cheerleader, scholarship award winner, and the list goes on. This pressure for performance is felt at school, in the home and even in the church. They are expected to be extraordinary in so many ways.

Now, I am, by no means, advocating a lifestyle of mediocrity and laziness. However, I wonder if, in all the talk about being extraordinary, we lose sight of the fact that God does indeed love the ordinary.

Obviously, we know a lot about the three years of Jesus’ ministry. It was full of miracles, healing and teachings that culminated with his death and resurrection. But do we ever stop and think about the fact that Jesus worked as a humble and faithful carpenter for 18 years? As my pastor once said, we move from the cradle to the cross very quickly, but we miss the carpenter’s shop. Jesus’ work as a carpenter wasn’t about waiting around until the “real work” of his ministry began. It wasn’t about killing time until God was ready to use him for his “true purposes.” I believe that the seemingly insignificant and shockingly normal years of Jesus’ carpentry work teach us something. Namely, that God values, appreciates and is involved in the ordinary moments of our lives. This is good news, because so much of our life is, in fact, overwhelmingly ordinary.  Continue Reading…

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I’m a proud native of the coffee-crazed town of Seattle. I feel as though I’ve heard it all when it comes to drink orders: “I’ll have a tall, half-skinny, half-one percent extra hot, split quad shot hazelnut latte, with whip.”

Partnering with churches during the last several years, I see a lot of similarities between the coffee culture and the church culture. I’ve operated on both sides of the youth ministry search aisle: I’ve been a youth pastor searching for the right job and I’ve served on pastoral search teams. Much like the customer at the coffee shop, churches and job applicants are looking for a “made to order” match. In the spirit of my hometown, I’d like to offer three coffee-crazed grounds of wisdom for churches searching for a new youth pastor.

Don’t Settle For Instant!

Most people don’t like instant-crystallized coffee. Likewise, the instant answer (promote the intern) isn’t always the best answer.

You may have someone within your body who has been mentored and is ready to take on the lead role, but too often, churches go for an instant, easy answer rather than taking the time to pray, assess and consider all the options.  Continue Reading…

What is your E-VAC Plan?

Dr. G. David Boyd – January 30, 2015 Leave a comment

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Last winter, nearly everywhere in the United States was cold and snowy. One city that made the news was Atlanta. When a snow storm entered their city, the city officials did not adequately prepare for an evacuation. City officials knew the storm was coming, but failed to plan. This lack of planning caused widespread confusion and chaos.

As parents and youth workers, do you have an evacuation plan for your emerging adults? The day is coming when they will need to leave the safety of “home,” in order to embrace adulthood. Do you know how to prepare them to leave the nest in a healthy manner?

Becoming an adult is more than moving out of their parents’ home. I define adulthood using three developmental tasks: Vocation, Autonomy, Community. In order to achieve a successful evacuation, your E-VAC plan needs to address each area.  Continue Reading…