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The TIU 360 Leadership Conference exists to encourage and empower high school students to be kingdom leaders and to reach their spheres of influence for the glory of God. With a keynote speaker, powerful workshop tracks and engagement with social justice through CAUSEGEAR, TIU 360 is a weekend of intense engagement with the heart of God through biblical leadership.

This year, the conference will focus on three main elements for all of us to reflect upon throughout the year:  Continue Reading…

ReachStudents Blog

It’s not easy to keep up with all that’s created today. So, I’m here to help.

Here’s five items you didn’t know you needed:

  1. Battery Tester: I reach for this cheap gadget often, but rarely think about it. It’s helpful in student ministry to make sure the show doesn’t stop because of dead batteries.
  2. Bunch O Balloons: Fast and Easy. Less expensive options exist, but this seller has the best customer satisfaction on Amazon.
  3. 3M Command Strips: These are fantastic! I use them for iPhone or iPad mounts. I stick my Apple TV and Roku 3 to my TV to reduce clutter. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.
  4. MagLite Flashlights: I own five MagLites, but my favorite is a heavy-duty 6-D cell flashlight. It is huge and kind of funny to carry around. When people see this, they know I am a youth pastor.
  5. Glowing Beach Balls: They’re just cool. Inflate, insert a glow stick and let the students have some fun. Toss them out at a retreat or before your evening of ministry starts. You don’t really need a reason…it’s just fun.

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A Prayer for the Year

Reid Kapple – October 16, 2015 Leave a comment

ReachStudents Blog

Your students are back in the swing of school and I am sure a small percentage of them, at least, already figured out the days left until summer. Some returned to the schools they attended last year, while others started fresh in a new building with new teachers and new classmates. No doubt some of your students found this season difficult, while others were eager to reconnect with old friends.

Regardless of where your students fit, I wanted to offer this prayer of blessing to you for your students. Please feel free to use this and share it with your students, parents and leaders.  Continue Reading…

Waiting in Want or Waiting in Trust

Brandon Early – October 14, 2015 Leave a comment

ReachStudents Blog

In reading about the kings of Israel (Northern Kingdom) up to the point of Elijah (1 Kings 13-17), it was awkwardly obvious that impatience and shamelessness come easily and breed destruction. Scripture also makes it clear that trusting God to provide our needs is not easy, yet worth the struggle.

God used Elijah to declare a drought at the beginning of 1 Kings 17. This drought shuts down and removes any perceived authority associated with Baal, a false god of rain and fertility.

In verses 4-6. God provided and protected Elijah in a unique way. Elijah was alone, but safe. God did not give him more than he needed; He gave Elijah what he needed and Elijah trusted God to do that. A verse later, the brook where Elijah was staying dried up and he received word from God to travel to Zarephath. Elijah narrowly escaped the hands of King Ahab and while Zarephath was devout Baal territory, Elijah trusted God.  Continue Reading…

Influence of the Redemptive Kind

Katherine Jeffery – October 7, 2015 Leave a comment

ReachStudents Blog

This is an exciting time for us every year at Trinity International University. Our student leaders return to prepare for the year ahead and begin to focus on their commitment to lead throughout the coming school year.

The student leadership program at TIU, Kingdom Leadership, believes we are all made in the image of God and have the capacity to influence others. As we all know, this influence can be negative and discouraging, or redemptive. Our desire is for students to be redemptive influences not only in the lives of those on our campus, but to anyone who God brings into their sphere.

Before the school year started, I had the privilege of spending a week with the coaches for the Emerging Kingdom Leader Program, EKL. These 10 individuals (sophomores, juniors and seniors) already went through the EKL program as freshmen and now commit to giving back what they received. I am blown away by their desire to grow and their courage to do it together. Continue Reading…

Bold Moves of Jesus (Part 4)

Shane Stacey – September 25, 2015 Leave a comment

ReachStudents Blog

Earlier this year, the Global Youth Initiative Summit took place in Israel. I got the opportunity to attend, along with leaders from 53 different countries. The theme for the conference was, “Bold Moves.” During our time in Israel, we focused on five specific bold moves from the earthly ministry of Jesus.

This is part four of a five-part series in which I will share the full video of each challenge. Organizational leaders from different international ministries presented each bold move challenge.

  1. Change of Geography
  2. Investing in a Few
  3. Going to the Other Side
  4. Surrender to the Cross
  5. Multiply Everything

Bold Move #4 – Surrender to the Cross

Focusing on Matthew 16:13-28, Dave Patty, founder of Josiah Venture, challenges us with Jesus’ surrender to the cross.

Bold Move #4 – Surrender to the Cross from EFCA on VimeoContinue Reading…

Prerequisite for Intergenerational Ministry

Dr. G. David Boyd – September 23, 2015 Leave a comment

ReachStudents Blog

The Pew Research Center recently released research displaying “the Millennial Exodus” from the church. I believe ageism is one reason young adults leave the church.

Ageism is prejudice or discrimination based upon age.  “Ageism” was first coined by Robert Neil Butler in 1971, and is displayed through stereotyping various ages and generations, disdain and avoiding contact with different age groups, and practices that discriminate services based upon age. While the elderly are often the targets of ageism, emerging adults are also victims of its abuse.

Ageism rears its head every time jokes are made about a certain demographic within the church. Ageism smiles when roadblocks keep the young (and old) from leadership and service roles. Ageism cheers in victory when the “youth” alone are designated for a specific project of the church. Ageism reigns when generations glare across the aisle at one another rather than standing hand-in-hand. Continue Reading…

Intention and Impact

Reid Kapple – September 18, 2015 Leave a comment

ReachStudents Blog

A member of our church is a licensed counselor and uses the phrase “intention and impact” in addressing tensions between parents and their teenagers. Recently, these two words produced a great deal of ministerial mileage in helping resolve conflict between students and parents. In many ways, conflict between parents and teens is a normal part of adolescent development. However, it doesn’t excuse the behavior or justify turning a blind eye or deaf ear to the situation.

I want to provide encouragement as you speak with parents experiencing conflict with their teenagers. Help them see the appropriate level of normalcy in the conflict. Continue Reading…

Live Devotions: Teaching Series

Brandon Early – September 16, 2015 Leave a comment

ReachStudents Blog

I love getting students in the Word and helping students lead. Our LIVE DEVOTIONS series helps me accomplish both. Doing a “LIVE DEVOTIONS” series is easy to duplicate and here is how we do it:

I pick a book of the Bible to go through. As an example, let’s choose James. James has five chapters, so I may choose to do this series in five weeks (either run through a chapter a week or choose select passages). A few weeks before the series begins I ask students if they would be interested in helping me teach. I always get a few responses, but I do not stop there. I approach a few students who I think would do well up front and who will be faithful to do the work. I like to have three or four students help me each week. I assign students a specific week, print out the chapter or passage we will cover, and I ask them to answer five questions on their own.  Continue Reading…

Discipleship and Disciplines

Gordy Williams – September 11, 2015 Leave a comment

ReachStudents Blog

Once a student becomes a follower of Christ, what next? How can you help students in your ministry grow into Christ-likeness? For that matter, what would you do if one of your friends or family members came to know Christ? I’m sure you have a plan in place. If you do, consider this blog a suggestion to help bolster it. If you don’t, that ice in the veins feeling you’re currently experiencing might be the Holy Spirit giving you direction for spending your time this week.  Continue Reading…